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Proposal to change the length of the school day


21st April 2021



Re: proposal to change the length of the school day


Dear Parents and Carers,


I am writing to inform you of some proposed changes to the structure of the school day here at Eastling Primary School. They are:

  • The school day will begin at 8.50am instead of the current 9am.

Should the changes be approved, they will come into force from September 2021.

I believe that these changes will be beneficial to the school community, and will have a positive effect on your child’s education. Since Covid the school has been operating a staggered start with Key Stage 2 children beginning school at 8.50am. The staff have found this to be very beneficial as it enables teaching to begin at 9am with the children settled earlier.

The information in this letter has also been sent to the local authority. We will make sure to work together so that there is minimal disruption. We recognise that this earlier start time will be an issue for those children who travel by bus but they will not be penalised for arriving late.

I appreciate that these changes may affect you, in terms of childcare or working arrangements, and in terms of your child’s education. For this reason, I would like to invite you to give your feedback by sending your responses to

We will release the results of the consultation by Friday 28th May 2021.


Kind regards,




Mrs M. Dale

Head Teacher