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1960-1963 Headteacher: Mr Jack Lethbridge


A Brief History of the School 1960 - 1963

The Sixth Headteacher - Mr. Jack Lethbridge

The next head was Mr. Jack Lethbridge, who stayed for two years and held the fort until Mr John Davies arrived in 1963.
Mr Davies concludes in his summary:

"For eighteen years I hope that I have given fruitful service to a school that seems unique in the hold it has over those who have been there. Every year, in the summer term particularly, old pupils drop in and ask to look around. It is obvious that Eastling has a tight hold on their memories.
When the school started in 1881, it was like a pebble being dropped in a pool and the ripples are still spreading outwards. I hope the ripples continue for another hundred years, because there is no doubt about it, the village school may not abound with facilities, but it has a character all its own, and all the children feel they belong, but most of all, they feel they matter.
The future of village schools is uncertain, but no matter what the future brings, I am sure that Eastling school can look back with pride on a hundred years of devoted service, having enriched the lives of its pupils and sent them forward with strength and confidence to face the rigour of the wider world".