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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

The School Council 2021-2022

School Council Meeting Minutes                                                   


Thursday 16th September 2021


Attended by:

Ellie Year 1

Matilda Year 2

Mason Year 3

Charlie Year 4

Summer Year 5

Henry Year 6



  • Welcome new members of school council, introduce themselves to each other and describe their likes/dislikes, take photos for display in school.
  • Discuss how school council works and what the role of school council representatives is
  • To discuss the outdoor field equipment
  • To vote for a fundraising activity for Abbie’s Army.
  • To discuss any ideas for any improvement needed around the school.

Issues Discussed

  • Discussed how important their role was and that they needed to gather the voice of other members of their class.
  • The wooden climbing equipment on the field is in disrepair and needs replacing.  The reps looked at a brochure of equipment and voted for their favourite 2 pieces of equipment.
  • They are enjoying the new play area and equipment on the playground.
  • Took new photos of each of the council reps.
  • They discussed Jaxon’s ideas of events to raise money for Abbie’s Army – all agreed on the sponsored obstacle course.


  • Mrs Mansfield to ensure display is changed showing the photos of the new reps and information about each of them.
  • Report back to Mrs Dale about their choice of wooden equipment for the field.
  • Report back to Mrs Dale their choice of fundraising event (sponsored obstacle course)

Dear Parents

As you are aware our School Council play a vital part in school life at Eastling. Recently they have been focusing on redesigning our reception area. This has so far involved designing a welcome mat for which they chose both the design and colour. I am sure that you will agree this has already made an impact with lots of positive feedback being received. The school council decided that as our classes are named after trees, which are found in the locality of our school that a tree would also be a great idea in the reception area. Mr Brunger is leading the drawing and painting of this supported by a number of children from across the school. The school council have also led the introduction of the school coming up with some values. Each class suggested a number of values, which were then collated by the staff. The school values are:







These values will be part of everyday school life with one value being the focus each term. They will be central to assemblies, PSHE, circle time and every aspect of school life.