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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

The School Council

Dear Parents

As you are aware our School Council play a vital part in school life at Eastling. Recently they have been focusing on redesigning our reception area. This has so far involved designing a welcome mat for which they chose both the design and colour. I am sure that you will agree this has already made an impact with lots of positive feedback being received. The school council decided that as our classes are named after trees, which are found in the locality of our school that a tree would also be a great idea in the reception area. Mr Brunger is leading the drawing and painting of this supported by a number of children from across the school. The school council have also led the introduction of the school coming up with some values. Each class suggested a number of values, which were then collated by the staff. The school values are:







These values will be part of everyday school life with one value being the focus each term. They will be central to assemblies, PSHE, circle time and every aspect of school life.

School Council Meeting Tuesday 13th November 2018

Attended by: Joe






Last meeting:

  1. Mrs Dale to investigate water fountains – waiting for costs.

  2. Remind the children in assembly not to throw the grass – done.

  3. Mr Monks to tidy the pond area – started.

  4. Mrs Rayner to choose monitors and discuss their responsibilities with them. Monitors are in place and change termly.

  5. Mrs Dale to discuss continuous provision with the staff – the school council had no recollection of this request.

Issues discussed:

  • Nature den/tepee for the field – shelter area

  • Girls and boys toilets – air freshener, paint etc.

  • Toast or tuck shop – Matthew and Oliver will conduct a survey to gather interest. We will not have toast as unhealthy.

  • KS1 large equipment for playground. This was suggested by KS2 but the infants were happy with their outdoor areas and felt this was not a concern.

  • Dictionaries for KS2 – the children would like more.

  • Christmas talent show – this will go ahead.

  • Repaint Acorns fence

  • Charity cake sale – Newspaper group to explore this.

  • Repaint the monkey wall and check the attachments.


Mrs Dale to ask KS2 to explore how many dictionaries they have and look whether we need to purchase more.

Mr Monks to paint the fence and wall.

Mrs Dale is getting prices for the infant toilets and new water fountains.

School Council Meeting Friday 14th September 2018

Attended by:   Joe







  1. Discuss how the school council works and the roles of the class representatives.

  2. What ideas do we have for this year?

Issues discussed:

  1. The school council members said the school council was to help the school get better. That last year they were responsible for the school values and the new class names. The members discuss all the things, which can help to improve the school and look at what is already working very well.

  2. Drinking fountains – need repairing or replacing.

  3. More pictures on the walls of children doing things.

  4. Playground equipment shed needs tidying. Monitors need to ensure that it is kept tidy. The monitors may need to change more frequently as they get bored of the job.

  5. Pond area – develop the area so that it is accessible and can be used more frequently.

  6. The use of continuous provision across the whole school.

  7. Behaviour on the grass – some children have been throwing the grass.


  1. Mrs Dale to investigate water fountains.

  2. Remind the children in assembly not to throw the grass.

  3. Mr Monks to tidy the pond area.

  4. Mrs Rayner to choose monitors and discuss their responsibilities with them.

  5. Mrs Dale to discuss continuous provision with the staff.