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1998-2002 Headteacher: Mrs Alison Stone

A Brief History of the School 1998 - 2002

The Tenth Headteacher - Mrs Alison Stone

Mrs Stone joined the school in January 1998 and impressed immediately with her calm approach to keeping the school open!

Within a few days of her arrival Kettle Hill Lane was covered in a deep, crisp and impassable snow. Mrs Stone managed to arrange for the snow ploughs to be immediately called and the school to become accessible.


Her time at the school was very successful. Indeed, the school gained an enviable reputation from her leadership of work in the area of supporting children with special educational needs. Mrs Stone had a positive and permeating policy of the importance of team work and helping others. When she attended the school leavers' service in July 2002, her choice of gift for the school reflected this - a co-operative bicycle for three children to use at once!


In her time at the school Mrs Stone managed many feats. Amongst these were the opening of a new classroom and ICT suite fully equipped with PCs; a complete decoration of the school both inside and out; the provision of a new playground surface for the main school and a firm basis for the future development of Eastling as a caring, successful village school.


Mrs Stone left the school in February 2002 to take up a new role as District Development Officer for the whole of the Swale area of schools.

Mrs Alison Stone