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Willow Class Yr 3 and Yr 4

Welcome to Willow!



Willow Class Long Term Plan

PCSO Ian Henderson visiting to discuss staying safe online as part of our computing online safety unit

Pedestrian Training Yr 3

Willow Class 1st Gym Lesson

Willow Class as Kent Life Vikings

Willow Class making Viking Brooches

Willow Class Freeze Frame Drama

Willow Class Outdoor Play

Making Viking rune stones

Willow class exploring the Hindu worship of Puja

Willow Class making Roman numerals

Willow class have done a litter pick around the school environment

Harvest Festival

Willow Outdoors

Willow Making Roman Numerals

Willow Class return to School

Willow class were learning about fake news in their computing lessons as part of their Internet safety topic. We created our own websites that included fake news on purple mash.

As part of their Plants topic in Science, Willow class investigated how long it takes for coloured water to travel to the petals of a white flower. We used different temperatures of water and made sure it was a fair test.

Willow Class have been learning about the artist ‘Turner’ and his life. We used a biography to collect and record facts. Next week we will be making observational drawings of the sky!

Willow Class Roman Numerals

Eastling Primary School Class Classics